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Data Entry Services | Just From $10/hour:

Companies use Microsoft Excel for the maintenance and management of their important data. Therefore companies companies are always looking for a reliable data entry services providers. 

Excel Soft Skills is offering a wide variety of faultless class Data Entry Services to all business worldwide at very affordable price.

Microsoft Excel is a very affordable and very reliable tool for all companies to record their day to day business transactions e.g. operational or financial etc. 

In Microsoft Excel, you can easily maintain bulk quantity of data by using excel tools, functions,  formulas and shortcuts. Due to this we required experts services to efficiently covert data into information using excel. 

We have a great team of expert professionals that will help you to convert data into information with 100% efficiency and accuracy.

Our Services Includes the Following:

⇛ Excel data entry from hand written documents / PDF files.
⇛ Excel data entry from newspapers, journals, e-books & magazine etc.
⇛ Accounting data entry in Excel.
⇛ Image data entry into an Excel.
⇛ Excel data entry from audio file.
⇛ Clean up, organize and merge your excel database.
⇛ Compile and merge bulk excel files.
⇛ Split Excel text into different columns.
⇛ Give a very nice shape to your messy excel sheet.
⇛ Re-arrange Excel data alphabetically, date wise or any other way.
⇛ Excel sheet formatting as your imagination.
⇛ Create Excel dashboards.
⇛ Shape your rough / unorganized Excel data.

Why does Companies order us?

⇛ 100% Accuracy.
⇛ 100% Confidentiality.
⇛ Super Quick delivery.
⇛ Low Price.
⇛ Unlimited Revision.
⇛ Fast Response.
⇛ Error Free Output.
⇛ No Additional Charges for Revision.
⇛ Money Back Guarantee.

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