How to use CHOOSE Function and RANK Function in Excel

CHOOSE Function, RANK Function in Excel
In this Lesson, you will learn two different functions that will help you to generate Rank sheet and Score card in proficient way as mention below:

  2. RANK

Function # 1: CHOOSE.

In Microsoft Excel, CHOOSE function will help you to pick a value from list or index provided by the user.

We would highlight an example to learn that how to use CHOOSE function in Excel as mentioned below.

Example: Create a chart to pick a Winner with the help of Microsoft Excel CHOOSE function. 

Formula "CHOOSE" mentioned below:

=CHOOSE(UserValue, Item1, Item2, Item3 through to Itemnn)

By following below mentioned Steps, you can easily use CHOOSE function to create a chart to pick a Winner:

Step 1: First Create a Chart to pick a Winner as mentioned below:

Note: As per random selection by CEO, Serial # 6 is a Dubai Tour Winner.

Step 2: Now Insert the CHOOSE formula in Column G7 to identify the name of lucky winner as mentioned below.

Now you can see the result as mentioned below:

Function # 2: RANK.

In Microsoft Excel, we use RANK function to calculate the Position of a value  or to compare numbers to other mentioned numbers in the same list of data.

This ranking can be calculated in two different orders as mentioned below:

  1. Ascending Order (Low to High)
  2. Descending Order (High to Low)

We would highlight an example to learn that how to use RANK function in Excel as mentioned below:

Example: As a teacher, identify the Ranks of students on the basis of  Secured marks.

Formula "RANK" mentioned below:

=RANK(number, reference, [order])

By following below mentioned steps, you can easily use RANK function to identify the Individuals Students Ranks on the basis of Secured marks:

Step 1: First Create Student Rank Sheet as mentioned below:

Step 2: Now Insert the RANK formula in Column E4 to identify the Secured Position of Student. (We will use Descending Order in this situation).

Step 3: Now Press Enter to Get the Result as mentioned below:

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