Order of Operations (PEDMAS or BODMAS) When Evaluating Formula in Excel

Order of Operations (PEDMAS or BODMAS)

(PEDMAS or BODMAS) | The Order of Operations:

Before explaining the order of operations we would like to explain what is BODMAS or PEDMAS.

BODMAS is a mathematical rule which stand for;

B = Bracket 
O = of (Order) 
D = Division 
M = Multiplication 
A = Addition 
S = Subtraction

For your information, "of" means "order" as per BODMAS which refer to power, square roots etc.

According to Bodmas rules, if expressions contains brackets like ((), [], {}) so in mathematics you have to first resolve the bracket and after that you will do division, multiplication and addition and subtraction to get correct answers.

PEDMAS is the synonym of BODMAS which stand for ;

P = Parentheses
E = Exponents
D = Division
M = Multiplication
A = Addition
S = Subtraction

Order of Operations When Evaluating Formula in Excel:

In Microsoft Excel, you must keep in mind these above mentioned mathematical protocol (Order of Operations) while evaluating formula.

Must use parentheses in formula if you want to calculate it first. Then order will shift to exponents and after that you will do division and multiplication before addition and subtraction.

For Example, I am using same calculation but will get two different outcomes (one is Correct and other one is Wrong) due to difference in  formula.

Example 1: Wrong Answer due to Ignorance of PEDMAS rule.

Example 2: Correct Answer due to Correct Evaluation of Formula according to Order of Operations.

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