Microsoft Excel Table Slicers | Advance Data Filter

Slicers and Advance Data Filter

If you want to create an impressive dashboard in Microsoft Excel or want to create quick filter button. Slicers is the best option and no one can beat Microsoft Excel Slicers because it is user friendly and easy to use. 

You can easily create Slicers by following below mentioned steps;

Step 1: Click any where inside the Excel table.

Step 2: Now Press Ctrl + T to create table or Click Insert tab and select Table and Click OK.

Now you can see your formatted table as mentioned below;

Step 3: Now Select Table.

Step 4:On Insert Tab, in the Filters group, Click on Slicer to display the Insert Slicer dialog box. 

Step 5: Select your desired columns check box for which you want to create Slicer and Click OK

Now the result as mentioned below;

Click on your desired sales person in Slicer and get the result as mentioned below; 

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