How to Outline (Group) Data in Excel

Outline (Group) Data in Excel

If you are using Microsoft Excel and you have a data file that you want to summarize, so you can use outline command in excel because outlining data makes your data easy to understand and easy to view in summarize form.

By following below mentioned steps, you can easily Outline (Group) data in Excel:

Step 1: For Outlining, First Sort the Data on Department Column as mentioned below;

Step 2: Now Click on Data tab, in the Outline Group, Click on Subtotal to open Subtotal dialog box.

Step 3: In Subtotal dialog box, 

  1. Select the department column that we use to outline on our excel sheet. 
  2. Select Count function.
  3. Tick on Salary check box.
  4. And Press OK.  
As mentioned below;

Now you can see your desired summarize form of data as mentioned below:

You can also summarize your data or expand your groups by level. for instance, Click on "2" to show the subtotals only as mentioned below:

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